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A brief guide to Avi Sion's websites and books

Avi Sion Websites


Avi Sion (Ph.D. Philosophy) is a researcher and writer in logic, philosophy, and spirituality. He has, since 1990, published original writings on the theory and practice of inductive and deductive logic, phenomenology, epistemology, aetiology, psychology, meditation, ethics, and much more. He resides in Geneva, Switzerland.

He can be contacted at: Comments or questions are welcome, but please keep them short.


‘Avi Sion Links’ is an inventory of all websites where writings in logic, philosophy and spirituality by Avi Sion are posted, sold or at least listed. website is Avi Sion’s first and main showcase. It was founded in 2001, and received some one million visitors in the first 16 years of its existence. It makes the following books available free of charge to all comers: Future Logic, Phenomenology, Judaic Logic, Buddhist Illogic, The Logic of Causation, Volition and Allied Causal Concepts, Ruminations, Meditations, Logical and Spiritual Reflections, and A Fortiori Logic.

Link: website was launched in 2014, in an effort to present Avi Sion’s writings in a new light. Instead of using one webpage per book chapter, as in, this more recent website enables reading the books as ‘flipbooks’, an amazing 3-D representation of print books. It contains the following books: Future Logic, Judaic Logic, Logical Philosophy, The Logic of Causation, Logical and Spiritual Reflections, and A Fortiori Logic.



In 2017-8, Avi Sion decided to post his ‘Thematic Compilations’ online. This could have been done in one of the above mentioned existing websites, but they have become so bulky and difficult to manage that he opted to create a separate website for each of them. This gave rise to the following websites:

The Laws of Thought:

Paradoxes and Their Resolutions:

Inductive Logic:

The Self:



Logic in the Torah:

Logic in the Talmud:

Logical Criticism of Buddhist Doctrines:

A website was also produced for his new book (not a ‘thematic compilation’):

Exposing Fake Logic:

In a similar vein, ready chapters of Avi Sion’s book(s) in process, are posted temporarily under the working title of Topics at:


Avi Sion has to date published 29 books, and all these can readily be purchased at (in paperback and Kindle editions) and most of them at (in hardback, paperback and e-book editions). Other sales channels (for paperbacks and/or e-book editions) include Google Play, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Apple’s iTunes, etc.


Furthermore, conscious that one day he shall pass away, and that after a number of years his above-mentioned paid-for websites will disappear, Avi Sion has posted his works (all or some of them) in various more permanent locations on the Web. These include the following:

The Internet Archive, Google Books,, WordPress, and

It should be added that many of Avi Sion’s books are available in public and university libraries. He has personally donated over 600 books to some 120 libraries across the world. Again, this is intended to ensure perpetuation of his work.


Most recently, Avi Sion has posted all of his books in two academic websites, namely:




Additionally, note Avi Sion’s blog at, aimed at highlighting some of the discoveries presented in his books. Another blog of his, at, presents the abstracts and tables of contents of his books.


Also to note, Avi Sion’s Logic Forum at, where other writers in logic and philosophy can have their essays posted. He has also made available a Discussion Area, where readers can ask him specific questions.


Avi Sion has a Facebook page and a Google plus page, but these are rarely used.


              The has an archive, in case of need, at: This is an older version of the same website.

              Logical and Spiritual Reflections is composed of six smaller volumes: Hume’s Problems with Induction, A Short Critique of Kant’s Unreason, In Defense of Aristotle’s Laws of Thought, More Meditations, Zen Judaism, and No to Sodom.

              Logical Philosophy is composed of five smaller volumes: Phenomenology, Volition and Allied Causal Concepts, Meditations, Ruminations, and Buddhist Illogic.

              These are subsites of

              The paperbacks sold in are also available in

              The Open Library and the Online Books Page likewise provide lists of Avi Sion’s works.

              Readers who just want to post a general comment can use the Guestbook.